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Based in Brisbane, BJS Group works alongside trade industry leaders to provide high quality installation, maintenance and certification for commercial and residential Joint Sealing and Fire Containment. We take care of a wide range of projects including commercial buildings, walkways, sporting facilities, kitchens and bathrooms, windows, pools, car parks and shopping centres to name a few. Our Fire Solutions Team specialise in Passive Fire Solutions. See below for examples of the types of projects and locations we work on.
Passive Fire Protection: Commercial, residential and industrial buildings. BJS Group have a dedicated passive fire protection team based in Brisbane. They are fully licensed and certified with the Australian Building Service Authority (BSA) and operate in accordance with the Australian Standard 1851-2012. Passive Fire Protection (PFP) is an integral component of structural fire protection and fire safety in a building. PFP aims to contain fires or slow the spread, through the use of fire resistant walls, floors and doors, using scientifically tested methods of protection. Passive Fire Protection specialists BJS Group (Qld) Pty Ltd are a leading provider in the Passive Fire Protection industry, providing full installation, certification and expertise services to clients from the Sunshine Coast to Byron Bay. “The main focus of our work is on wall penetrations, risers and fire collars to build integrity to the fire rating of walls and floors, ensuring buildings meet appropriate compliance standards” – Passive Fire Protection Manager, Luke Mackey. “We are able to recommend and install a wide variety of tailored PFP systems that are cost effective for our clients.” BJS are able to deliver a personal service to its clients. “We are a flexible company, with 15 staff, we spend time tailoring an individual solution to any unusual situations that a client may have. With returning clients, such as Hutchinson Builders and Lendlease, we are proud of what we bring to the Passive Fire Protection industry.” BJS Group enjoys the strong support of industry leaders in Fire Safety products. With strong working relationships with Manufacturer’s such as Promat, BJS are always at the forefront of the latest fire protection technology. “One size does not fit all in Passive Fire Protection. We pride ourselves on providing tailored, cost effective solutions for a safe outcome for our customers.” – Luke Mackey.

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Log Book
The team from BJS Fire solutions use a simple system in the form of a Log Book that has all the information that relates to Australian Standard AS1851. With inspections occurring for new buildings during construction, builders are now able to have the correct information and documentation available so that walls are built with the correct measures in place assuring that walls & penetrations will comply, meaning that buildings are becoming even more safe. In conjunction with a simple maintenance system of 6 monthly checks (as per the Australian Building & Fire Codes) for long term passive fire safety, the area with a CERTIFIED Fire Resistance Level (FRL) should have full fire resistant integrity for the life time of the building.
All BJS Fire Solutions technicians are well trained, licensed, skilled, and bring a wealth of experience to your project. We ensure that the highest industry standards are consistently delivered to clients in compliance with Australian Standards and to BJS Fire Solutions Pty Ltd company standards. BJS Fire Solutions continually trains and updates our staff in current technology to save lives without compromising your costs.
BJS Fire Solutions Certification includes:
  • Form 16 Inspection Certificate
  • Statement of Compliance
BJS Fire Solutions certify your premises EVERY 6 MONTHS in accordance to Australian Building and Fire Code legal requirements.
BJS Fire Solutions Management:
  • Professional documentation
  • Reminder follow up inspections
  • Discounted rates on long term contracts and multiple premises
Our Passive Fire Protection Certifying team has ALL the required Passive Fire Protection Licences and Certificates
  • Australian Building Service Authority (BSA) Licence – Passive Fire Protection
  • Preparation of Fire Protection Statements & Reports
  • Certificate II in Asset Maintenance – Fire Protection Equipment
  • Certificate III in Asset Maintenance – Fire Protection Equipment
  • Certificate IV in Asset Maintenance – Fire Safety Systems Inspection
  • Elevated Work Platforms (EWP) +15 meters and above
  • Confined Space Entry licence as per Australian Standard 2865-2009, and OHS Regulations
  • First Aid Certificates
  • Construction Industry Induction cards – valid ALL Australian States
This all adds up to saving you time and money on your invested properties or new build projects – BJS FIRE SOLUTIONS is a One Stop Shop for Passive Fire Certification. SPECIAL ‘INFLATION PROOF RATES’ FOR 2 YEARS TO:
Chat to us about your 6 monthly Australian Building & Fire Code Inspection before it is due!

BJS Group (Qld) Pty Ltd Level 2, 68 Commercial Rd, Newstead Qld 4006 Phone: 1300 218 898 Mon – Fri: 7am – Late Sat: 8am – Late Sun: By Appointment We work till the job is done!