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Joint Sealing

Joint Sealing, or Caulking as it is also known as, is used in the construction industry to seal gaps internally and externally  

What We Do

Domestic & Commercial

Kitchens, bathrooms, laundries, driveways, walkways, windows, floor skirtings, pools, expansion joints, cabinetry and more


We do cut-and-reseal to bring tired or poorly maintained sealing back to life 

Colour Matching

Our colour matching services ensure the final look of your project is second to none

Why is Joint Sealing important?

Joint Sealing in wet ares can be especially important to contain and protect adjoining areas from rotting and mould build up.  Moisture and water leaks can be a very expensive defect so ensuring seepage from internal or external sources is paramount.

Temperature can affect the operating costs for heating and cooling in extreme weather, so it is important to ensure that all gaps and crevices are appropriately sealed.  

Insects and rodent entry is another important reason to ensure your Joints are properly sealed and maintained.   

Another important reason for Joint Sealing is aesthetics. After all the hard work (blood, sweat, tears and arguments) of construction or renovation, there is nothing more satisfying than seeing a perfectly sealed kitchen or bathroom.  This also adds value to your property.   

Only the Best


Experience Matters

Our Joint Sealers are experienced in all types of settings from domestic kitchens, bathrooms, drivewways, walkways, windows and pools; to commercial and industrial size concrete slab expansion joints, external highrise facades, and much more 


Eco Friendly Products

Wherever possible, we use environmentally sustainable products and ensure all products are disposed of appropriately


High Quality Management

Only the highest of quality standards are garanteed to ensure our customers and clients are 100% satisfied 

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The quote was great, job was done on time and staff were friendly. A very professional and efficient company.

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